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Dynamic High

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     Canadian producer, Dynamic High (aka. Josh Ellison), draws influence from experience working with a variety of genres, such as classical and orchestral, rock, Hip Hop, and EDM. Growing up with classical piano and music theory instruction, 

     As a self-produced multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Ellison works to develop an instrumental's energy throughout its duration to facilitate the growth of energy. The blend of genres and styles of instrumentation can be often heard within his compositions. Frequently he can be found on his drum kit while working out the percussive structure for a song.

     Ellison has performed live classical piano, fronted many bands, and performed as an EDM DJ throughout the past 15 years. Dynamic High is a predominant producer within many Jellifish Beats collaborative projects.

      In addition to features in Jellifish Beats instrumental albums, Ellison has two EDM albums released; Unbreakable; and Orchestrations of a Madman. Currently, Dynamic High is working closely with rappers in his studio to develop their passion for hip hop.

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