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          Born Jan 23 1989, in Victorville, California, Gio Martini grew up playin basketball, and was heavy into music on all platforms. He learned how to play drums at the age of ten, and was into bands like Rush, Judas Priest, and Slayer. His friend played him a tape of Bone Thugz n’ Harmony, and Gio fell deeply in love. His main influences ranged more from the East coast as he was more into the Lyrical scene. He listened to Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Nas, Big L, Eminem and mostly all of the After Math label up until 2005 when rap seemed to turn towards a new dance style rap.


          Gio started rapping around 2004, but felt it wasn’t going anywhere, and quit before he joined The US Army in 2008. With the boom of social media and the lack of lyricists in todays version of hip hop, it began eating at him to get back into it and revive the way Rap Should be.


          “I feel like I can be up there with Kendrick Lamar, Logik, and J.Cole, if given the opportunity. Every word I write is thought out, because I hate wasting space just to fill a song. I bring a lot of emotion into this from childhood, and my experience over seas.”


          Gio recently began rapping again this year after a 10 year hiatus. Join the movement, and let’s revive Hip-Hop back to it’s truest form.

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