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     Canadian rapper, Oneman (aka. Josh Ellison), draws from experience working with a variety of genres, such as classical and orchestral, rock, and EDM. His first exposure to the rap style was from the likes of P.O.D., Linkin Park, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Eminem.


     As a self-produced multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Ellison works to develop a song's narrative throughout the structure. At times, he desires to express existential trials of the human condition through his lyrics, while at other times he comments on his observations of the industry surrounding him.

     Ellison has yet to perform on stage as Oneman. Throughout the past 15 years, however, he has performed live classical piano, fronted many bands, and performed as an EDM DJ. Oneman is featured on the remix version of Young Manny's "Booze, Blunts, Bitches".

     Currently, Oneman is preparing to release his first full-length song, "Helpless", and is blueprinting his debut album, "One-Mission".

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